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Final Merit List for HEC Need Based Scholarship Fall 2018-19

Department of Agriculture
Name Department / Program Remarks
Zainab Amin BS Agriculture Selected
Afaq Mehmood Baqi BS Agriculture Selected
Abdul Qadeer Khan BS Agriculture Selected
Muhammad Tariq Nawaz BS Agriculture Waiting
Shereen Gul BS Agriculture Waiting
Department of Education
Name Department / Program Remarks
Laraib Tariq BS Education Selected
Department of Environmental Sciences
Name Department / Program Remarks
Hina Batool BS Environmental Sciences Selected
Sania Riaz MSc Environmental Sciences Selected
Department of Forestry & Wild life
Name Department / Program Remarks
Syed Asad Abbas BS Forestry & Wildlife Selected
Department of  Geology
Name Department / Program Remarks
Akhtar Muhammad BS Geology Selected
Muhammad Raza BS Geology Selected
Fawad Khan BS Geology Selected
Sajawal Rehman BS Geology Waiting
Salman Khan BS Geology Waiting
Waseem Abbas BS Geology Waiting
Department of Islamic & Religious Study
Name Department / Program Remarks
Anum Farid MA Islamic Religious Study Selected
Department of Information  Technology
Name Department / Program Remarks
Nadia Khalid BSCS IT Selected
Momina Muzafar BSCS IT Selected
Mian Ilyas Gul BSSE IT Selected
Nouman Ali BSCS IT Selected
Tabish Ali BSSE IT Selected
Rehman Ullah MCS IT Selected
Arsalan Rehmat MCS IT Waiting
Zoha Ilyas BSSE IT Waiting
Mishal Ikhlaq MCS IT Waiting
Department of  Management Sciences
Name Department / Program Remarks
Abdul Qadir BBA Management Sciences Selected
Sana Farooq Lodhi BBA Management Sciences Selected
Madiha Bibi BBA Management Sciences Selected
Amna Niaz BBA Management Sciences Selected
Ali Hassan BBA Management Sciences Selected
Madeeha Rasheed BBA Management Sciences Waiting
Muhammad Qasim Khan BBA Management Sciences Waiting
Department of Microbiology
Name Department / Program Remarks
Marvi Sultan Bahadar MSc Micrbology Selected
Samia Gul BS Microbiology Selected
Sammar Shafique BS Microbiology Selected
Aqsa Irshad BS Microbiology Selected
Samra Akram MSc Micrbology Waiting
Kamla Yameen BS Microbiology Waiting
Tayyaba BS Microbiology Waiting
Department of  Medical Lab Technology
Name Department / Program Remarks
Muhammad Usman BS Medical lab Technology Selected
Abdul Muntaqim BS Medical lab Technology Selected
Muhammad Ibrahim Hamdard BS Medical lab Technology Selected
Muneeba Shahzaman BS Medical lab Technology Selected
Zainab Saeed Choudary BS Medical lab Technology Waiting
Zonureen BS Medical lab Technology Waiting
Department of Mathematics
Name Department / Program Remarks
Misbah ur Islam Pure & Applied Mathematics Selected
Syed Abbas Ali Shah Pure & Applied Mathematics Selected
Munibah Tahreem Pure & Applied Mathematics Selected
Zainab Noor ul Ain Pure & Applied Mathematics Waiting
Ayaz Ahmad Pure & Applied Mathematics Waiting
Department of Psychology
Name Department / Program Remarks
Anam Naeem BS Psychology Selected
Aisha Iftikhar BS Psychology Selected
Nimra Bibi BS Psychology Selected
Narmeen BS Psychology Waiting
Hifsa Younas BS Psychology Waiting
Department of Economics
Name Department / Program Remarks
Muhammad Uzair Economics Selected
Ummad ud Din Economics Selected
Syed Ahtesham Wasif Economics Selected

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