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Revised Notification for B.A/B.Sc Part-I & II Annual Examination 2020

It is hereby notified the schedule for submission of examination forms and fee of B.A/B.Sc (P-I & II) (Annual) Examination 2020.All Regular/Late College students and private Candidates are hereby informed to submit Examination Admission Forms for B.A/B.Sc. Annual Examination, 2020 strictly in accordance with the following time and fee schedule. Incomplete forms shall not be entertained but shall be held in abeyance till the deficiencies so intimated are removed. The application forms will be available at Examinations Section, The University of Haripur/ National Bank of Pakistan (Main, University, Khalabat TownShip, Ghazi and Khanpur Branches) and can also be downloaded from The University of Haripur website (


Normal fee

Late fee Rs. 100/-

Double fee

Triple fee

B.A/B.Sc Part-I (Each)
(Regular/late college)

Rs. 2200/-


Rs. 3410/-

Rs. 4510/-

B.A Part-I (Private)

Rs. 5950/-

Rs. 6060/-


Rs. 12600/-

B.A/B.Sc Part-II (Regular)

Rs. 2200/-


Rs. 3410/-

Rs. 4510/-

B.A Part-II (Private)

Rs. 4400/-

Rs. 4510/-


Rs. 11150/-

One Subject

Rs. 1600/-

Rs. 1710/-


Rs. 2970/-

Two Subject

Rs. 2090/-

Rs. 2200/-

Rs. 3300/-

Rs. 4400/-

Practical fee (per practical)

Rs. 220/- (should be deposited along with the fee where applicable)



  1. Admission forms of Regular students of all affiliated colleges duly completed in all respect will be sent by the concerned Principals.
  2. Regular/Private candidates are required to get their admission forms along with requisite documents and white background photographs attested/signed on backside regular by the Principal concerned & Private by a gazette officer of Education Department prior to submission.
  3. All fresh candidates (Regular & Private) who will appear in BA/BSc Examination are required to attach original Migration Certificate issued by their respective Boards.
  4. It must be noted that examination centre is allotted on the basis of permanent address as mentioned in the examination admission form. However, the university reserves the right to allot the Examination Centre anywhere on the basis of the number of candidates in the area. Those who would like to be examined in a place other than their permanent address should send their own/parents service/residence certificate with the form in official capacity. The certificate should also be countersigned by a Gazetted Officer.
  5. After the last date of submission of forms with triple fee, forms will be accepted with a fine of Rs. 550/- for delay of every 15 days or a maximum of Rs. 2200/- till two weeks prior to the commencement of Examination. No admission form will be accepted two weeks before the commencement of Exam unless allowed by the competent authority with enhanced fee.
  6. Admission form will not be accepted without white background photographs (For both Male and Female).
  7. Fee once deposited shall neither refundable nor adjustable, if the candidate is otherwise eligible.
  8. Forms submitted/received after the said period shall in no case be given any consideration.
  9. Fee can be deposited in National Bank of Pakistan (Main, University, Khalabat Town Ship, Ghazi and Khanpur Branches), or in our Online Account Number  NPB  title  Controller of Examinations IBAN PK30NBPA2239003139088108.
  10. Due to jurisdiction limits of universities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the fresh private candidates of B.A (Part-I) of District Haripur cannot appear in any other university without getting NOC from the University of Haripur.


Dr. Zia ur Rahman
Controller of Examinations
The University of Haripur