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Precautions against Corona Virus after first reported cases of corona virus in the country

In View of the first reported cases of corona virus diagnosed in the country, the following precautionary measures, amongst others, are hereby ordered for office official premises of Higher Education, Archives & Libraries Department and its subordinate and attached office:

  1. Politely direct the staff that here should not be any traditional greetings “Gharas’s” and hand-shake.
  2. For the moment, all bio-matric attendance must be stopped.
  3. Side railings, doors knobs must be touched; Officer/Officials may leave the doors ajar to avoid anyone touching the door knobs for opening them.
  4. Similar action may be taken for joint use apparatus-like computer keyboard,fax machines, telephone-where operator can wear disposable gloves while using such apparatus.
  5. Offices must ensure that if a person is suffering from flue,he/she must wear a mask. The use of one mask should not be more than a day,and it should be replaced with a fresh one .
  6. All towels from all bathrooms must be removed and replaced with paper towels, where required.
  7. Any official showing symptoms of temperature, flue etc. Should be taken to hospital straight away.
  8. Washing of hands by all staff, with soap, must be made compulsory every 3-4 ours. Washing should be at least for 20 second.

Furthermore, instruction may follow, if and when required.