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International Conference on Climate Resilient Smart Soil Management (ICCRSSM-2020)

International conference on Climate Resilient Smart Soil Management (ICCRSSM-2020) was arranged by Department of Soil Science on 05-07 March, 2020 at The University of Haripur, KP. Ms. Zartaj Gul (Minister of State for Climate Change) was the Chief Guest of this International Conference. Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan (Chairman, Pakistan Agriculture Research Council, Islamabad) was the Guest of honor.

  • Dr. Ali Raza Gurmani (Chairman, Department of Soil Science) welcomed the honorable chief guest (Ms. Zartaj Gul) and all other distinguished guests, foreign delegation, and researchers came from all over the research institutes and Universities of Pakistan. He also thanked Honorable Vice Chancellor (Dr. Anwar-ul-Hassan Gilani – SI), The University of Haripur, KP for his sincere support and patronage for the conference.
  • The Honorable Vice Chancellor, highlighted the potential impact of climate change on agricultural productivity and soil health, worldwide and particularly in Pakistan. He focused on importance of soil health in relation with food security and biodiversity. He provided oversight about the potential of KP in agriculture sector, its biodiversity and potential in fruit production and stressed to enhance productivity which help to improve Pakistan’s economy by increasing fruit export.
  • The Honorable Vice Chancellor explained about “one health” concept in relation with soil management under changing climate scenario. He stressed that better human health cannot be achieved until productivity of soil is achieved. He concluded with the message that we have to move towards organic components that bring long-term sustainability in soil and suggest to adopt innovative technologies including “climate smart agriculture” practices.
  • After this, Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan (Guest of honor; Chairman – Pakistan Research Agriculture Council) was invited to put light on conference theme and shared his views/experience. He focused on conservation technologies that are accessible for farming community. This will help to increase soil fertility on sustainable basis. He also talked about different projects running under the umbrella of PARC to boost productivity of wheat and other oilseed and legumes crops.

  • Then, chief guest of conference (Ms. Zartaj Gul) was invited to express his view about changing climate and its impact on productivity of different crops in relation to soil health. She said, Pakistan is at 7th number among the countries most vulnerable to climate change threat. In this scenario, she also acknowledged efforts of agricultural scientist and research for their efforts to cope negative impact of climatic variability on soil health. He highlighted that due to changing climate; drought, rising temperature and aridity are major problems threatening soil life and its capacity to support agricultural crops.
  • She motivated researchers, scientists (National and International) and scholars from Universities around country to come forward with more sustainable solutions to address climate induced challenges. She further, asked academia and researchers to work on innovative project that help Government to strengthen agricultural policies which will be more friendly to farming community of Pakistan. She ensured that Government is fully committed to help Universities and researchers and will solve their problems on priority basis. She enlightens importance of Government Project “Billion tree Tsunami” that how it helps to shelter upcoming years from `damaging effect of climate change. At the end, she thanked the Honorable Vice Chancellor, The University of Haripur, KP, Guest of honor, and foreign delegates for joining this event.
  • At the end, Pro VC Prof. Dr. Abid Farid pay thanks to all the distinguished guest.
  • In the conference, model and poster competition were organized in supervision of Dr Mazhar Rafique and Chief Guest, Ms Zartaj Gul inaugurated the competition. She visited all the models and interacted with students. She appreciated the ideas of students to overcome threat of changing climate.