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The World Wildlife Day was celebrated by the Department of Forestry & Wildlife Management

THE WORLD WILDLIFE DAY was celebrated by the Dept. of Forestry and Wildlife Management on 04- March-2020, by this year theme "Sustaining all life on Earth" encompassing all wild animal and plant species as key components of the world's biodiversity.

The day was observed inviting prominent guest speakers; namely. Dr. Mumtaz Malik, (Ex-Chief Conservator Wildlife, KPK and also Advisor to the Dept. of Forestry Wildlife Management), The guest speaker Raja Naeem Ashraf, Director Biodiversity, Ministry of Climatic change, (MOCC), Islamabad, and Mian Muhammad Shafique, Conservator Wildlife, (MOCC), Islamabad. The all the personalities have enthusiastically and devotedly conducted various research on the Wildlife Conservation and have made incredible efforts and have magnificent contribution in Protection, Conservation and Management of the various species in homeland, Pakistan. The welcome addressed was given by the HoD of the Dept.

  1. Mr. Mian Muhammad Shafique (Conservator Wildlife MOCC, Islamabad) shared his understanding regarding the Significances and role of Wildlife in Pakistan with reference to the theme "Sustaining all life on Earth". He demonstrated his experiences regarding the faunal diversity and distribution in various regions of the country.
  2. The second guest speaker Mr. Raja Naeem Ashraf (Dir. Biodiversity, MOCC, and Islamabad) expressly focused on the floristic and mammalian diversity (including large and small mammals, Ornithology, and Herpetology) rightly from Alpine to foot hills and desert region.  He articulated the past history by sharing his personal experienced in all of the ecological zones, and also the vital role of local communities in various conservation programs.

The occasion was graced by the renowned and well reputed personality Dr. Malik Mumtaz Malik, (Ex-Chief Conservator Wildlife, KPK and also Advisor to the Dept.) an enthusiastic curiosity in Wildlife Management. He shared his extensive knowledge, capabilities, contribution and experiences with setting many instances regarding the Wildlife Conservation and pertinent programs productively accomplished in managing the various species with passion and zests (Trophy-Hunting of Markhor).

Lastly, The Worthy Vice-Chancellor shared his concluded remarks on the prominence of the Seminar emphasis on "Sustaining all life on Earth” that an opportunity for all of us to spread the word about the plight of our planet, ocean and life within them and to educate ourselves and others. We entirely depend on the resources of Biosphere to meet the needs, and nature has its own needs. We must be careful not to overexploit it; after all we are only one link in the chain of life, when we harm other link in the chain, we hurt the bound of life that unites us all. We all have the power to be responsible citizen and can change the way we think and act.
The Pak. Museum National History (PMNH, Islamabad), has made striking the occasion by displaying various stuff Wildlife specimens, outside the Hall. The official has briefed regarding the specimens to the Worthy Vice Chancellor and guests, students while visiting their stall.
Finally, The Worthy Vice-Chancellor, presented the Souvenir to all the notable Guest speakers of the event: WWD-2020.