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 Revised Admission Schedule MPhil / PHD Program - Fall 2017
Last date for fee submission : 15-September 2017
Commencement of Classes : 20-September 2017

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 Entry Test Result for MS Computer Science Admissions Fall 2017

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Haripur Journal of Educational Research (HJER)

Instructions for Authors

  • Papers will be given preferential consideration when they are related to specific subjects being taught, which show clear benefits for learners, which depend on rigorous statistical analysis, which are of perceived value to assist teachers in enriching education.
  • Papers will be given preferential consideration when they avoid educational jargon, acronyms, and papers which are readily accessible to very busy practising teachers (at any level).
  • Papers will not be accepted which merely describe some exploratory research, unless the findings are extended to demonstrate clear benefit for learners.
  • Papers will not be accepted that rely entirely on the opinions of others, gathered by interviews, focus groups or questionnaires.
  • Manuscripts should be between 10 and 12 pages in length and must conform to the style of the Publication Manual of the 6th American Psychological Association (APA).
  • The name(s), affiliation(s), and phone, fax, e-mail addresses), permanent and postal address should appear on a separate cover page.
  • An Abstract of 150 words should also be submitted and typed on a separate page.
  • The authors are requested to check the article thoroughly with spellings, figures, and illustrations, etc., before sending for publication. Incomplete articles will not be entertained.
  • Research papers are accepted for publication on the understanding that they have not been published earlier and are not being considered for publication elsewhere.
  • Research papers/articles should be original piece/s, including methodology, content, data analysis and interpretation.
  • Add something new to the existing stock of knowledge.
  • At initial stage, research papers will be scrutinized by the research committee of editorial board and if found suitable only then it will be considered for blind peer review process
  • Manuscripts will be reviewed by at least two consulting editors/reviewers. This process normally takes 3-4 months.