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Huawei, HEC and The University of Haripur launch HAINA Lab to build digital capacity

Huawei Technologies, HEC and the University of Haripur unveils the Huawei Authorized Information and Network Academy (HAINA)

Huawei Technologies Pakistan has partnered with the University of Haripur (UOH) to launch a fully-fledged Information Technology teaching laboratory as part of a collaborative effort to bridge the digital divide in building capacity. The Huawei Authorized Network Academy (HAINA) Labs are a non- profit programme designed to build the skills that are required to practical skills for students undertaking Computer Science and related studies.

This partnership will bring on board expertise in ICT and related technology. Huawei Technologies, an industry leader, is committed to impart relevant employability skills to the youth who enroll to the programme. The university will provide the necessary resources to students so that they get the most out of the programme and in turn change the entire scope of the ICT Industry in terms of application of the skills gained. The University of haripur is committed to ensuring that the youth of this country are not only well prepared for the job market but get a direct employment opportunity. Huawei Technologies provide the students with job placement and internship opportunities directly and through their partners for them to be able to apply the skills they gain at the academy. Through the HAINA solution, students at the University of Haripur will acquire cutting-edge knowledge of ICT technology, master relevant skills, and improve their individual capabilities through elaborate hands on practical training experiences. Students going through the HAINA labs will also obtain ICT career certification to increase their employability.

There are two classes scheduled for the HCNA course in different time slots.

Class-1:   Monday to Thursday 2:00PM -  4:00PM       (40 hours)

Course Instructor:     Rabnawaz Anwar (Network Administrator UOH)

Class-2:   Friday         2:00PM -  6:00PM  

                Saturday     9:30AM -  3:30PM        (40 hours) 

Course Instructor:   Athar Kaleem     (Lecturer IT/System Administrator UOH)          

HCNA(Huawei Certified Network Associate) Registration Form:

The University of Haripur requires the nominations from individuals interested in HCNA course. Please fill the following form accordingly and you will be updated regarding the course plan and schedule.

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