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UOH Admissions Fall 2021

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 IMPORTANT NOTICE - STUDENT ADMISSION: All those students who applied for admission in University of Haripur but could not get admission in any department due to high merit, due to mistake in application form at the time of submission or even could not resubmit returned application, for all those students portal will be opened again to make necessary changes/correction/change of option for two days i.e. on 19th and 20th Oct and re-submit the application till 20th Oct. 2021. No need to pay application processing fee of Rs: 1000 again. For them, 4th merit list will be displayed on 21st Oct. 2021.

 New Admission Schedule for BS Programs Phase-I (Admissions Fall 2021)


Disability Resource Centre (DRC)

Aims & Onjectives

  • The objectives of the DRC-UOH are in accordance with HEC Policy for Disables 2021 and Disability ACT,2012 government of Pakistan.
  • To facilitate individuals and institutions at local, national, and international level to enhance recognition, equal educational and job opportunities, and support for collaboration on initiatives of institutional and national benefit.
  • To contribute towards improved quality of life of the differently able people, by drawing upon the skills and insights of its members, gained during stay at The University of Haripur.
  • To examine social, cultural, and intellectual needs of the people and provide platforms of meaningful interaction to promote shared learning and to provide a forum for internal and external networking. 
  • To serve as a repository of institutional knowledge and advice for future beneficiaries of the people-to-people contact initiatives.
  • To find ways and means to broaden its impact and ensure sustainability by expanding its scope of activities, membership, and resources.