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Directorate of Affiliated Institutions


The Directorate shall perform its functions under the guidelines provided in KP Universities Act 2012 (Amended 2016), University of Haripur Statutes in relation to affiliated institutions (Public and Private) and also follow the guidelines issued from time to time by HEC/HED/other governmental authorities or University bodies and authorities.  Directorate of affiliated institutions shall also keep the Directorate of Academics the University of Haripur, in loop in process of achieving its aims through following objectives.    
To fulfill the aims of the directorate, following objectives/functions are set:

  • Streamlining the affiliation process to ensure transparency and remove step that cause undue delays, in consultation with Registrar Office the University of Haripur.
  • Making the affiliation process simple and easy with established time lines, and facilitating the Registrar Office, the University of Haripur.
  • Reducing/removing the communicational gages between the UoH and its affiliated institutions.
  • Ensure the constitution and proper functioning of the BOG for each affiliated institution under section 7.21 of “The UoH Statutes for Affiliation and disaffiliation of the educational Institutions related matters”.  
  • To ensure proper establishment and functioning of Board of studies for each discipline.
  • To ensure compliance of Scheme of studies in letter and spirit, in consultation with Dean Concerned and QEC the University of Haripur.
  • To Ensuring proper student teacher ratio, in consultation with Dean Concerned. 
  • Helping the institutions with regular submission of report every year under section 6.20 “UoH Statutes for Affiliation and disaffiliation of the educational Institutions related matters”. 
  • Capacity building of the affiliated institutions through counseling’s, trainings, seminars, and workshops for the teaching as well as supporting staff.
  • Making a monitoring body for each affiliated institution comprising of the members from UoH and the affiliated institution itself.
  • Facilitation in collection of annual renewal fee, in consultation with Controller Examination and Registrar Office the University of Haripur. 
  • Ensuring the availability of facilities for co-curricular activities, like Sports, seminars, workshops and other activities needed for the physical and mental grooming of the students.
  • Conducting surprise visit at least one in each semester and a regular statutory second visits to affiliated institutions, making report there on and taking action needed keeping in loop the Director academics and Registrar office.
  • Dealing with migration cases of students’ inter-affiliated institutions, in consultation with Controller Exam and Registrar office the University of Haripur. 
  • To ensure quality of Academics continuous monitoring of conduct/evaluation of examination.