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Admissions Fall 2018 (The University of Haripur)

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 Entry Test Results Announced
Supplementary Advertisement for M.S Mathematics and M.S / MBA (1.5) in Management Science Admissions (Fall-2018)

Note: All test qualified candidates are advised to report their respective departments along with all original documents for finalization of their admission process.
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Central Library (University of Haripur)

Library Services

Circulation section plays an important role for providing the books to readers. The readers may contact the Circulation Counter regarding the matters relating to library membership, fine and clearance etc. The new arrivals may be placed near the circulation counter of the Library. The book may be traced out by consulting the catalogue through its author, title or subject.

The Library will maintain automated catalogue containing bibliographic information of the books, journals etc. Database will be searchable as Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). The remote access catalogue is under construction and will be available on the Internet in near future.

Internet facilities will be provided to the library members of University of Haripur where the following rules will be followed.
They can browse for their assignments, digital books and HEC digital library.
Downloading or exchanging of entertainment audio and video files including MP3 files and other similar files, Streaming (listening or watching) video and audio in real-time including Internet "radio/television" stations or music sites except video conferencing for academic and administrative purposes and any other material allowed by the university from time to time, Playing games, Chatting, accessing sites of social media and sites contain pornographic material will not be permissible. 

The library will provides a wide range of user education programs to enable them to use the library to its optimum potential. The orientation programs at the time of fresh admissions will be conducted each year. Visitors and delegates shall also be briefed by the senior staff.

This facility will be available in the Library on payment basis, from where the user can get the photocopy, subject to the copyright law.

Library will subscribe more than 5 daily national, leading newspapers in order to enhance the current affairs knowledge of its patrons. 


Inter Loan Library service will be provided among campus libraries and other renowned libraries of different universities, institutions and departments of the region. Through Inter Library Loan transactions, library materials will be made available by one library to another library for the use of its users. 

The service of cutting out News and articles of Interest to a client in newspapers or magazines and sending them to the clients for information is called clipping service which will include News and articles about University of Haripur and Higher Education Commission (HEC) however news about other organization may also be included. 
The Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Deans of Faculties, Campus Coordinators and all Libraries Incharge will receive these from library.