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Career Development Center (CDC)

Functions & Scope of Activities

  • Services to assist students seeking careers advice and career opportunities.
  • coordinate and integrate the initiatives of centralized student support services and academic units
  •  provide strong, integrated systems of support so that students can make informed choices and take advantage of available academic resources
  • Attention in the career counselling regard should be paid to commencing career counselling as early as possible in a student’s career and on benefitting as much as possible from the experiences and advice of recently graduated alumnae.
  • Evaluate on a department-wise basis regarding current student support programs and initiatives to assess their effectiveness
  • Prepare an initial report identifying key challenges and opportunities in developing effective integrated and coordinated student service strategies.
  • Career Development Center will consult with Deans, HODs, faculty, staff and students as appropriate for their comments and feedback.
  • Inform students about resources and services available in university for career and personality development.
  • Help students with their resume and interview skills
  • Provides supports to its students through a variety of advice and career counseling resources
  • Help students make informed career decisions and identify occupations that would suit their interests, personalities and skills.
  • Informing students about job prospects related to their courses of studies.
  • Offers comprehensive information and advice to students who are about to complete or have just completed their studies.
  • The University also places tools and strategies at their disposal to make students job search efficient.
  • Provide advice on the strategies to follow when writing a CV, how to prepare for an interview, the professional skills of each candidate or sources for looking for jobs
  • Organize a series of free career guidance seminars during the academic year to provide support to university students in the job seeking process.
  • Not limited to above, any activity which may help students will be initiated.