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Faculty Expertise List

Name Designation   Department Research expertise
Dr. Abid Farid Professor/Dean Agriculture (Entomology) Developed an effective slow-acting toxicant bait for the elimination of underground colonies of subterranean termites. Developed bio control technology for effective control of maize stem borer. Developed windows-based software "Abid's Trackmove" for monitoring arthropods' behavior. Developed window-based software “Unit Calculator” for conversion and solution for toxicological studies. Developed window-based software “Research Econolyzer” for conducting economic analyses of research data.
Dr. Ayub Khan Professor/Chairman Agricultural (Agronomy) Biological Sciences, Physiological response of groundnut to growth regulators under drought stress.
Dr. Sher Aslam Khan Associate Professor Agricultural Plant Breeding & Genetics
Dr. Ali Raza Gurmani Associate Professor Agricultural Soil Science
Dr. Muhammad Saeed Assistant Professor Agricultural Application of enzymes for biotransformation / various purposes. Organic phase biocatalysis. Flavor synthesis. Applications of Nano particle- based coatings. Oil and fats chemistry and technology
Dr. Muhammad Liaquat Assistant professor Agricultural Food Chemistry (Enzyme and Biocatalysis)               
Applications Of Seedling Lipases For Low Molecular Weight Flavor
 Ester Synthesis In Organic Phase Biocatalysis           
Dr.Muhammad Jahangir Assistant Professor Agricultural Systems biology, Metabolomics, Natural drug discovery
Food processing and preservation, New product development
Spectroscopic techniques (Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR), mass spectroscopy etc.)
Chromatographic techniques (High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), Thin layer chromatography (TLC), liquid-liquid chromatography, column chromatography, Solid phase extraction (SPE) etc.)
Research software (SIMCA-P+, MestRenova, chemdraw etc.)
Halal assessment and auditing of food, feed, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
Dr.Zahoor Ahmad Assistant Professor Agricultural Soil salinity
Biochar use as wastewater treatment
Organic waste management
soil and plant nutrition
Dr.Abdul Qayyum Assistant Professor Agricultural Biotic and abiotic stresses such as drought (water deficit), excessive watering (water-logging/flooding), extreme temperatures (cold, frost and heat), salinity (sodicity) and mineral (metal and metalloid) continuously threaten plants and it is becoming critical to recognize how plants protect themselves. The overall goal of my research is to reveal the physiological and molecular mechanisms involved in plant stress tolerance
Dr. SAMI ULLAH KHAN Assistant Professor Agricultural Problem oriented Agricultural research on abiotic stress tolerance (Drought, Heat, Salinity) in Wheat, Rice, Maize, Canola, Mungbean etc.
Water Stress mitigation through use of Bioregulators, Phytohormones (Salicylic acid, ABA, BAP etc.) and devise site specific crop management strategies to minimize yield losses due to  water stress, salinity and heat in selected crops.
Low input Agriculture (Identification of characters responsible for better P uptake and utilization efficiency in selected crops).
Dr.Naushad Ali Assistant Professor Agricultural (Collection of conservation of indigenous germplasm)
Expertise in Oil seed and pulse crop breeding
Study genetic diversity in different crops by using morphological, biochemical and molecular markers
Dr. Ayaz Mehmood Assistant Professor Agricultural Soil mineral transformations 
Soil genesis
Fixation of nutrients
Soil contamination 
Dr. Waseem Ahmed Assistant Professor Agricultural Biotic and abiotic stresses continuously threaten plants and it is becoming critical to understand how plants
defend themselves. The overall goal of my research is to elucidate the molecular and cellular mechanisms
involved in plant stress tolerance. As a plant scientist, I am interested in functional characterization of ion0
 transporters, channels and membrane receptors using targeted genomics and transcriptomic techniques.
Dr.Khurram Shahzad Assistant Professor Agricultural  
Dr.Shah Masaud Khan Assistant Professor Agricultural  
Dr.Sardar Ali Assistant Professor Agricultural  
Dr.Khalid Naveed Assistant Professor Agricultural  
Dr.Ijaz hussain Assistant Professor Agricultural  Visualize, design, budget, conduct and report various experiments on the various aspects of horticultural crops including vegetables, fruits.
-Farm Management.
-Fruit plants nursery management.
-Evaluation of different deciduous and evergreen fruits.
-Evaluated strawberry cultivars and recommended cultivar Chandler for cultivation under plastic tunnels.
Mr.Hayat Khan Lecturer Agricultural  
Mr. Mohammad Jehangir lecturer Agricultural Soil erosion from diffenrent land uses (Agriculture, Forest, Range and Degraded) in Hilkot watershed.
Comparison of soil losses from different land uses in Hindu-Kush Himalaya region (China, India, Nepal and Pakistan)
Sedimentation and conveyance losses in Chistian sub-division.
Soil erosion model, data generation and application in Sharkul watershed.
Water Harvesting techniques in a mountain watershed, Malokra, Mansehra - A case study with Department of Water Management, Agricultural University Peshawar and International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development.
Mr.Rasheed Ahmed Lecturer Agricultural  
Mr.Zia Ur Rehman Lecturer Agricultural  
Mr.Murad Ali Lecturer Agricultural  
Mr.Maid Zaman Lecturer Agricultural  
Ms.Naila Nawaz Khan Horticulturist Agricultural  
Dr.Motsim Billah Assistant Professor Agricultural  
Dr.Shehla Assistant professor Agricultural  
Mr.Rasheed Akbar Lecturer Agricultural  
Dr.Abdullah Khan Head of Department Environmental  
Ms.Naureen Aurangzeb Assistant Professor Environmental  
Mr.Zia ur Rahman Lecturer Environmental  
Dr.Alia Naz Assistant Professor Environmental  
Mr.Muhammad Ayaz Khan Lecturer Environmental  
Mr.Tariq Khan Lecturer Environmental  
Dr.Hajira Haroon Lecturer Environmental  
Mr.Asif ur Rehman Office Assistant  Environmental  
Mr.Muhammad Fawad Lecturer Environmental  
Dr.Wisal Shah Lecturer Environmental  
Mr.Muhammad Khurshid Assistant Professor Environmental  
Dr.Mohammad Salim Assistant Professor Forestry & Wildlife  Bats (Chiroptera: Mammalia) of Malakand Division, Pakistan.
Dr.Sajida Noureen Assistant Professor Forestry & Wildlife  
Mr.Muhammad Saad Assistant Professor Forestry & Wildlife  
Ms.Ume Habiba Lecturer Forestry & Wildlife Population Density and Habitat Preference of Punjab Urial in Diljabba Domeli Game Reserve district Jhelum.
Prevalence of Salmonella in eggs of Layer in Poultry Research Insititute (PRI) Rawalpindi. M.Sc Research Department of Zoology PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi.
Mr.Muhammad Kabir Lecturer Forestry & Wildlife  
Dr.Majid Hussain Lecturer Forestry & Wildlife My research interests include corporate and product life cycle assessment, carbon footprinting, climate change,
environmental biology and ecotoxicology, conservation biology, medicinal plants, ecological niche modelling and
carbon stock assessment.
Ms.Sadaf Siddique Lecturer Forestry & Wildlife M. Phil. Research Work: Assessment of Seasonal Variation on the Nutritional Quality of Major Forage Grasses and Fodder Trees in the Rangelands of Dhurnal, Chakwal
Project (funded by UNDP; GEF; Ministry of Climate change, GOP through sustainable land management project, SLMP) workedin as Research Associate: Assessment of seasonal changes in biomass production and utilization of Rangelands in Potohar tract.
Dr.Anwar Qadir Head of Department Geology  Hydrogeology, Numerical and contaminant transport modeling.
Dr.Muhammad Ishaq Ghaznavi Advisor Geology  
Mr.Qasim ur Rehman Assistant Professor Geology  
Mr.Azeem Shah Lecturer Geology  
Mr.Salman Ahmed Khattak Lecturer Geology  
Mr.Tofeeq Ahmad Lecturer Geology  
Mr.Muhammad Junaid Assistant Professor IT Social Informatics
Blended Learning
Cryptography (Asymmetric Block Ciphers)
Mr.Mehmood Ahmed Assistant Professor IT 1. Software Requirement Engineering

2. Software Effort Estimation
Mr.Aamir Khan Assisstant Professor IT  
Dr. Yousaf Saeed Assistant Professor IT Vehicular Ad hoc Network
Cognitive Science
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Networks and Communication
Dr.Sultan Ullah Assistant Professor IT  
Mr.Syed Luqman Shah Lecturer IT Cloud Computing
Trusted Computing
Energy Efficiency in Cloud Data Centers
Mr.Syed Shabih ul Hasan Naqvi Lecturer IT  
Mr.Hamid Asmat Lecturer IT  
Mr.Mudassar Ali Khan Lecturer IT Dynamic Behavioral Attestation for Mobile Platform (funded by the National ICT R&D.)
Re-finding Scientific Documents through Previews of User's Interaction
Exploiting Usable Security for mobile users (in progress)
Mr.Habib Akbar Lecturer IT Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition
Mr.Kamran Habib Khan Lecturer IT  
Ms.Misba Sikandar Lecturer IT  
Mr.Waqas Ali Lecturer IT Requirement Engineering, Software Quality Assurance, Big Data and Activity Recognition.
Mr.Abid Ali Lecturer IT  
Ms.Gullelala Jadoon Lecturer IT  
Dr.Sadiq Noor Khan Assistant Professor MLT  
Dr.Aamer Ali Khattak Assistant Professor MLT Expression of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis active and latent phase antigens for the detection of Tuberculosis.
Worked in research project on “Multiplex Immunoassay for the detection of tuberculosis” Duration: 2007-2009. Financed by Pak- US Joint Project. (US $ 181,535). Active Collaboration: University of California, Davis, USA
Infectious disease surveillance Program (IDSP) for the surveillance of viral hepatitis establish by Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Program (FELTP) a USaid funded project. 
Epidemiological and drug resistance analysis studies of Plasmodium species.
Research Training in Molecular Drug resistance studies in University of Maryland, Baltimore USA.
Comparative analysis of Rapid Diagnostic Techniques, Microscopy and PCR for malaria diagnosis.
Mr.Abdul Jabbar Assistant Professor MLT  
Mr.Mudassar Khan Lecturer MLT  
Ms.Afshan Saleem Lecturer MLT  
Mr.Haji Mohammad Rashid Lecturer MLT  
Ms.Mehreen Abbasi Lecturer MLT  
Mr.Muhammad Jamal Lecturer MLT  
Mr.Faizan Rashid Lecturer MLT  
Dr.Sobia Nisa Assistant Professor Microbiology  PhD thesis project was about investigation of medicinal plants from Pakistan flora for anticancer and antibacterial
 properties against human pathogenic bacteria. bioactive compounds isolation and characterizationMS was also
done in that project. this project was completed in two universities, Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad and
Kingston University London. Currently working on exploration of endophytes from medicinal plants for bioactive
 compounds and bioactivities.
Dr.Syeda Asma Bano Assistant Professor Microbiology  During PhD i had worked on a project for the identification of Mycorrhiza related genes in Medicago truncatula. I had done molecular characterization of Plant mutants (Medicago truncatula) defective in Mycorrhiza formation and identified two Mycorrhiza related genes. One gene was related with Mycorrhizal Signaling pathway while the other gene was needed to provide an electrochemical gradient for the transport of nutrients.

After PhD i was awarded IPFP project by HEC for 0.5 million pkr, which is completed now, one research paper is Published in an International ISI indexed Journal from IPFP research work.  Another paper is in pipeline. Currenly i am working on salinity and heavy metal tolerance of plants from the perspectives of the role of microbes.
Dr.Muhammad Ali Syed Assistant Professor Microbiology Nanotechnology based microbial detection systems, Molecular epidemiology of infectious bacteria, Vaccines
and vaccine efficacy, Bioethics, Aptamers, biosensors etc.
Dr.Waqas Ahmed Assistant Professor Microbiology Genetic determination cardiac septal defects in Pakistani population. (HEC approved project 2014).
Dr.Muhammad Mumtaz Khan Assistant Professor Microbiology  
Dr.Maimoona Sabir Assistant professor Microbiology Cell cycle regulation, Role of Human papilloma virus (HPV) in cancer development, mechanisms of HPV
oncogene mediated inactivation of several key cellular regulators as an effort towards identifying novel molecular
 targets against HPV related malignancies. Molecular mechanisms of cellular transformation, Novel tumor
+E96suppression pathways, Development of targeted anticancer strategies, Drug delivery.
Dr.Farakh Javed Assistant Professor Microbiology Evaluate the cellular and molecular effects of HCV non-structural proteins expression on genes involved in
mitochondrial mediated apoptotic pathway.
Dr.Irshad Ul Haq Assistant Professor Microbiology  
Dr.Muhammad Mumtaz Khan Assistant Professor Public Health  
Dr.Shazia Shah Lecturer Public Health  
Dr.Muhammad Kamran Alam Lecturer Pure & Applied Mathmatics Mathematical Modeling of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids via asymptotic and numerical techniques
Computational Fluid Dynamics and Thin film flow problems
Labelling of different families of Graph
Dr.Murad ul Islam Khan Assistant Professor Pure & Applied Mathmatics My main area of research is Spectral Theory of Hypergraphs where we use tensors to analyze different
properties of hypergraphs. This field requires a basic understanding of Linear and Multi-linear Algebra, Graph
Theory, Hypergraph Theory and Tensors. Its a new and emerging field of Mathematics and has a huge number
of open unsolved problems for future researchers. Another feild of research I enjoy is Fuzzy Algebra and
regularly collaborate with other researchers on different problems.
Mr.Tauseef Asif Lecturer (Mathematics) Pure & Applied Mathmatics On Fuzzification in Left Almost Semigroups
Mr.Didar Murad Lecturer Pure & Applied Mathmatics I have been worked  in Mathematical epidemiology: Such as infectious diseases like dengue, HCV to address
problems like stability of disease to be epidemic and endemic, sensetivity of basic reproduction ratio with
respect to epidemiological parameters used in the models and more importantly optimization like with low cost
of vaccination and insecticide increases of  recovered population and decreases of infected and susceptible
Dr.Fayyaz Khan Assistant Professor Alied Section  
Mr.Anila Qureshi Lecturer Alied Section  
Ms.Robina Shaheen Lecturer Alied Section  
Mr.Muhammad Daniyal Khaliq Lecturer Alied Section  
Mr.Fazal Hakim Lecturer Alied Section  
Mr.FAISAL SHAH Lecturer Alied Section  
Mr.Faisal Sajjad Lecturer Alied Section  
Ms.Mehreen Gul Lecturer Alied Section  
Mr.Sajjad Ahmad Khan Lecturer Alied Section nanoscience & technology.
Mr.Hakim Ullah Afridi Lecturer Alied Section  
Ms.Anbreen Bibi Assistant Professor Economics  
Ms.Rukhsana Naheed Assistant Professor Economics  
Mr.Ejaz Ahmad Khattak Assistant Professor Economics  
Dr.Asaf Niwaz Assistant Professor Education  
Dr.Muhammad Saeed Khan Assistant Professor Education  
Dr.Umbreen Satti Assistant Professor Education  
Dr.Saddaf Ayub Assistant Professor Education  
Dr.Syed Afzal Shah Assistant Professor Education  
Mr.KIFAYAT KHAN Lecturer Education  
Ms.Haleema Bano Lecturer Education  
Dr.Muhaiman Assistant Professor Islamic & Relegios  
Dr.Junaid Akbar Assistant Professor Islamic & Relegios Islamic theology
Islamir philosophy
Islamic jurisprudence
Dr.Muhammad Ikram Ullah Assistant Professor Islamic & Relegios  
Dr.Attaullah Assistant Professor Islamic & Relegios  
Dr.Shiraz Khan Assistant Professor Management Sciences  
Dr.Tariq Iqbal Khan Assistant Professor Management Sciences  
Mr.Sheraz Ahmed Assistant Professor Management Sciences  
Ms.Ghazala Shabnum Assistant Professor Management Sciences  
Mr.Shahzad Khan Assistant Professor Management Sciences Area of Research Include Branding, Consumer Research and Marketing Research.
Mr.Sarfaraz Tanveer Assistant Professor Management Sciences Financial Markets and in Broadly General Management.
Mr.Rafique Ahmed Khuhro Assistant Professor Management Sciences  
Dr.Najia Zulfiqar Head of Department Psychology  
Mr.Sajid Mahmood Alvi Assistant Professor Psychology  
Ms.Salma Batool Lecturer Psychology Risk factors and depression in young drug users.