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UOH Admissions Fall 2022

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 All MS/MPhil/M.Sc (Hons)/MBA/PhD candidates are advised to appear for entry test in the main campus on 20th August, 2022 (MS/M.Phil/MBA Programs at 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM & All PhD Programs at 2:30 PM)

 Admissions Announced for BS/BS 5th Semester/Diplomas/Certificates/MS/M.Phil/M.Sc (Hons) & Ph.D Programs (Admissions Fall 2022)

 Admissions Announced for BS self-support Programs (Admissions Fall 2022)


Business Incubation Center

Aims & Objectives

Business Incubation Center in UOH has been established with the following objectives:

  • To foster an entrepreneurial culture, by providing the students, alumni, and faculty, opportunities to transform their business ideas to reality. These facilities are also open to the general public.
  • Develop start-up and fledgling companies by providing entrepreneurs with an array of targeted resources and services.
  • Create linkages between academic/ R&D institutions, Industry and private sector, aimed at creating knowledge based enterprises.
  • Facilitate entrepreneurs with well-equipped laboratories, extensive libraries, powerful computer systems, technology expertise, a well-educated workforce and subject matter experts.
  • Promote innovative research based initiatives.
  • To liaise with private and public sector funding sources, government agencies, industrial associations, chambers of commerce and industries to provide facilitation and networking for incubate companies

To achieve these objectives the Business Incubation Center will focus itself as a catalyst organization for providing new business opportunities based on inventions of the scientists of the University and attracting new investors.

BIC at UOH aims to facilitate new company formation by providing an entrepreneurial nurturing environment for young start-up and spin-out technology companies; alleviating their survival and growth, thus encouraging them to reach their full potential. We aspire to develop individual talent, skills and personality to give each business the best possible start, thus fostering entrepreneurship at a local and national level.


  • Fostering Research
  • Mobilizing capital
  • Creating jobs
  • Strengthening markets
  • Making university financially viable