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Directorate of Advanced Studies & Research Board

Functions of ASRB

  • Maintenance of Student files of postgraduates.
  • Checking of admission forms, course code, course titles and credit hours.
  • Approval of registration.
  • Approval of NOC/Migration Certificates.
  • Approval of Notification of Titles and Supervisory Committees.
  • Approval of Notification of Synopses
  • Approval of Notification of Discontinuation.
  • Approval of Notification of Comprehensive Committees both Written and Oral.
  • Approval of Notification of Defense of Synopsis and Thesis.
  • Verification of other requirements for the award of MPhil and PhD degree such as title is according to the notification of DAS, Synopsis defense before submitting the synopsis and public thesis defense before submitting the thesis.
  • Preparation of agenda and conduct of meetings of ASRB.